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Object Name: Care Labels

Collection: Bioarchive

Date: 2040

Brief Physical Description: A set of care labels that show the change in labelling and care symbols for biomaterial garments.

ID Number Current: 137

Location Made/Found: England, London.

Measurements/Dimensions: 15-11.5cm x 4.5cm

Number of Items: 4

Subject: Care Labels, Biomaterials, Biotextiles, Biocleaning, Biocare.

Materials: Biosilk and Cellulose Blend, Bacterial Dye

Content and Subject Information: Along with sample development and garments StudioBIO worked on the reclassification of care symbols and growing labels from their biosynthetic materials to reduce waste and develop a fully biodegradable garment.

Production Information: Material cultivated and grown from synthetic microbes engineered to produce cellulose material with pre-printed/dyed areas.

Techniques Used: Biofacturing, Screen printing of Bacterial Dye.

Rights: © StudioBIO 2040

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