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Object Name: Biopaper Samples

Collection: Bioarchive

Date: 2020

Brief Physical Description: An early experiment of paper like non-woven material for garments that can be biodegraded but that are extremely strong.

ID Number Current: 025

Location Made/Found: England, London.

Measurements/Dimensions: 10cm Diameter and 7cm Diameter

Number of Items: 2

Subject: Biopaper, Biomaterials, Biotextiles, Sample, Synthetic Biology, Experiment.

Materials: Bacterial Cellulose and Indigo.

Content and Subject Information: An early test and sample from StudioBIO, where they were starting to ‘biofacture’ and ‘grow-make’ new types of biotextiles from a range of engineered and synthetic microbes. Textile designer Kate West from the RCA and fashion designer Shane Davenport from CSM set up StudioBIO. Through a collaborative project funded by the LVMH Sustainability and Innovation Programme they decided to set up a new venture bringing their research and expertise together. The samples explore how textile design techniques could translate into biotextiles. This sample was developed after they graduated and during the early years of StudioBIO.

Production Information: Material cultivated and grown from synthetic microbes engineered to produce a pre-dyed cellulose material.

Techniques Used: Synthetic Biology, Biofacture.

Rights: © StudioBIO 2020

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